About Us - AIC

What we do at AIC

AIC provides natural, drugless, nonsurgical health treatments, and relies on the body’s inherent recuperative abilities. We emphasize the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of chronic health disorders and neurological conditions. AIC consists of three pillars of health; Physical Health (Wellness Center) Mental and Brain Health (BrainGym); Relational Health (Therapy).


Become a network of health restoration and brain health clinics using an integrative approach to helping people live well.


Our philosophy is founded on the premise that the human body and mind are masterpieces designed with a mastery to balance and heal when interference are removed and optimal conditions are restored. The body and mind when properly supported and cared for within the context of healthy relationships top-down, inside-out, can restore their innate abilities to heal themselves and thrive.


We believe three factors influence health and impart disorder within the body and mind: trauma, toxins, and thoughts.

  • Traumas are events both big and small that affect your physical body.
  • Toxins are external substances that get into your body and compromise the functioning of key systems.
  • Thoughts are patterns of beliefs that inform mental, emotional, and relational
    distresses both consciously and unconsciously.


We then test to uncover the missing piece and finally work with patients to guide their bodies
back to homeostasis and wholeness. Simply put, helping patients regain control of their mind,
body, and health.

Clinicals & Locations

Dr. Eniabitobi

Lagos, Nigeria

Rd A3 HSE 3B Carlton Gate Estate, Chevron Rd. Lekki, Lagos Nigeria.

Paulett Lawrence

Georgia, USA

Rd A3 HSE 3B Carlton Gate Estate, Chevron Rd. Lekki, Lagos Nigeria.