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Your body is your vehicle of life to help you achieve your dreams. Ill health not only brings you discomfort and pain but also robs you of your time and resources. If you want to learn how to live your best, you’ve come to the right spot. Together, we’ll work on helping you achieve your optimal level of health. As a natural health wellness center, we do not focus on health symptoms; our goal is to fine-tune your body’s key systems. This includes educating you on how your spine, central nervous system, hormones, and daily nutrition all work together. It is amazing how our bodies work and have the power to heal from within! The by-product of this process is saying goodbye to chronic conditions like fatigue, digestive issues, earaches, sinus problems, and aches & pains. Don’t wait until you are not feeling well, be Pro-health by keeping your body tuned up.

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Paulett Lawrence

Paulett completed her undergraduate with a Bachelor of Science in Human Relations from Point University, Georgia.  She completed her Master of Arts degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Richmont Graduate University with a specialization in Trauma.