Neurofeedback - AIC

Why does Neurofeedback Work

Neurofeedback takes advantage of the brain’s ability to change itself through a process known as Neuroplasticity. It utilizes the same learning process that occurs whenever we acquire a new skill. The brain learns by forming connections between nerve cells and utilizing important pathways that connect different locations in the brain. The more frequently you utilize these pathways, the better the brain becomes at performing the associated task.

Neurofeedback & Counselling

Neurofeedback as a complementary modality to Counseling can be an excellent tool to assist a client make changes in behavior and thinking patterns more easily. The decision to combine Neurofeedback and Counseling is often made during the report of findings. The goals of Counseling and Neurofeedback are often to reduce stress, improve focus, memory, and decision making, increase productivity and emotional resistance, enhance restorative sleep and strengthen positive interpersonal relationships. This combination can also enhance couple therapy.

Doing an Intensive Program

An Intensive program enables clients to experience the benefits of Neurofeedback within a short period. This is also suitable for out-of-town clients. Intensives typically range from 7 to 10 full days, but can also be broken down into short durations to accommodate clients’ needs. Intensives involve other modalities in addition to Neurofeedback. Call or text 678 250 3090 to learn more about our Intensives.


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